Photos From A GREAT Send-Off Party!

I, Bob and Miss Hilda want to thank our loving family and friends for hosting a great picnic to send us off on our 1966 VW cross-country tour!

It was a perfect afternoon and it was great fun to see everyone dressed up to commerate the 40th anniversary of Woodstock! Awesome food!

We are SO lucky to have the coolest friends and family!

Fun photos from 8/23:

1966 vw miss hilda bug
1966 vw beetle miss hilda
1966 vw bug cross country trip
vintage vw bug beetle 1966 miss hilda
vintage vw bug 1966 miss hilda tour
1966 vw bug USA
1966 vw bug miss hilda beetle
miss hilda 1966 vw beetle bug
miss hilda 1966 vw bug vintage beetle
miss hilda 1966 vw bug beetle
vintage 1966 VW bug miss hilda
miss hilda 1966 vw bug cross country trip
miss hilda vw bug


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1966 vw bug beetle miss hilda cross country

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