Idaho Brought Many Surprises - and MORE than four mountain ranges to climb!

Day 23 and 24: Travelling from Missoula, Mt to Hailey, Idaho

Wow! The most incredibly beautiful vistas and mountians along Rte. 75 through Idaho. But unfortunately, Miss Hilda had to climb those mountains! HA. She was a trooper and climbed more than FOUR moutain ranges in one day- and crossed a large gorge outside of Twin Falls. Has another 1966 VW Bug ever done this?

Here's a photo Bob took of the jaw-dropping beauty of the area made famous by Hemmingway:

miss hilda, 1966 vw bug, idaho, beetle

Bob thinks that the drive along Rte. 75 and the Stanley Basin is the most beautiful route in the country!

We reached Beverly Hills. Sort of. Beverly Hills, NEVADA. Ha.

miss hilda, 1966 vw bug, miss hilda vw, nevada

Here are photo's of the very deep gorge just outside of Twin Falls, Idaho!

miss hilda vw, 1966 vw bug, gorge, twin falls miss hilda vw, 1966 vw bug, cross country, nevada

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