Miss Hilda Tackles the Rockies, Heads to Missoula, Montana - and the Greatest Cheesebugers!

Day 21 & 22 (October 13-14)

I left Helena with a slight case of anxiety knowing Miss Hilda would have to cross the Rockies at the MacDonald pass! Not an easy thing for a 43 year old VW Bug to do!!!

MacDonald pass is a 6,299 ft high mountain pass in the Rockies here in Montana. And to get to Missoula, Miss Hilda would have to conquer it!

Miss Hilda slowly putt-putted in third gear, all the way, but we got through the pass and put the Rockies behind us!

Missoula, is a great college town, (University of Montana), with many museums, galleries, music venues and interesting shops.

But my favorite place is the Missoula Club - where they serve up the best cheeseburgers on the planet. I've tried them all - from fancy resturants to greasy dives. And the cheeseburgers at the Missoula Club rule.

missoula club miss hilda 1966 vw bug

The Missoula Club isn't really a club, just a great old bar. Opened in 1890 and they've been seving it up ever since.

Ladies, don't wear your pearls and heels to the Missoula club. It's strictly a old-school, guy's bar. Nothing fancy. Come as you are.

The Missoula Club uses freshly ground Montana beef - never frozen. Handmade patties. Perfectly seasoned and with fresh onions. Presented on a paper plate. Simple. Perfect. Unforgettable.

missoula club miss hilda 1966 vw bug missoula club montana miss hilda 1966 vw bug

Fly, bike, run, walk or hitch it to the Missoula Club for the best cheeseburgers known to man.

And in Missoula, we found a street and an alley that contained a adorable group of old VW Bugs. Miss Hilda gave a "honk out" to all of them! We just wish they were running on the road again. Sigh.

miss hilda vw 1966 bug vintage vw bugs

Now Miss Hilda is pushing onward to Ketchum, Idaho!

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