Day 3 & 4 - Lots of Adventures in Ohio, Indiana and Illinois

After the 300+ mile trip we took the day before, we decided to take a well deserved REST on day 3! (9/25)

We stayed in Lima, Ohio, caught up on our sleep and visited the local Armstrong Air and Space Museum.

We woke up refreshed on our 4th day (9/26) and headed out for Indiana!

We rolled by vast, rich farmland and it made me proud to know that these crops feed our country - and many others around the world.

And no car repairs or breaksdowns!

See the highlights of day 4, including our visit to the charming and delightful James Dean Festival, in his hometown of Fairmont, Indiana, by clicking on our video below:

James Dean. Rebel cool. Sexy cool. Underdog cool. American cool.


Elephants and Asses Conning the Masses

(Funny. Still, it makes you think, doesn't it?)


Dogleg Road

We finally pulled into Illinois around 8:30pm. Exhausted but happy!
miss hilda 1966 vw bug

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