The Cross Country Journey Begins in Miss Hilda, the 1966 VW Bug!

The long awaited day finally arrived!

On Wednesday, Sept. 23rd, we packed up Miss Hilda and gave her an encouraging pat on the back. I rechecked our first day's route on our map:

miss hilda, vw bug, 1966 VW beetle

Here's the first day's odometer - 307 miles:

miss hilda, 1966 vw bug, beetle, trip

And Bob spent the early morning packing up his van, which will follow Miss Hilda, with our trip provisions. Bob did a great job of planning for possible emergencies and had extra tools, VW parts, engine oil, first aid kit, etc, packed up.

Who knew a three week road trip required so much stuff? We're stacked and packed like the Joad family in the Grapes of Wrath. Or the Beverly Hillbillies.

Unfortunately, the thrill was short-lived. Our first stop was our mechanic. Watch our YouTube video, below:

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Finally, we left Huber's Auto and began the journey. Miss Hilda putt-putted along historic Rte. 30, also known as the Lincoln Highway.

We passed a wind farm, charming villages and beautiful farmland, taking in all the beauty of this great country of ours.

What Mr. Guthrie sang was true: "This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land" and we intend to explore it with Miss Hilda.

I had a few white-knuckle moments driving through the mountains near the Appalachian trail in the Laurel Highlands. WOW. Miss Hilda was a trouper! She showed a lot of heart by climbing the mountains in third gear!

That experience made me think about all the mountain ranges we'd have to climb during this trip. Gulp.

And, of course, we stopped and had a moment of silence at the Flight 93 Memorial site. Those very brave passengers, during the horrible hours of 9/11, made the ultimate sacrifice so that others would be saved.

230 miles later, we arrived at Ligonier, PA, exhausted but satisfied.

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miss hilda, vw 1966 bug

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