Why My 1966 VW Bug is Affectionately Named Miss Hilda

Why is my 1966 VW Bug named Miss Hilda? How did I find it - then adopt and name it?

It's really a romantic story. With a dash of mystery and drama thrown in. I won't bore you with all the details, but I'll share a tiny bit of the story.

I had a white 1972 VW Super Beetle when I was younger. I LOVED that car! She was christened Bugums.

I don't have any original photos of my Bugums, but here's a photo of a similiar 1972 Beetle:

1972 vw beetle miss hilda

Really, who doesn't fondly remember the VW Bug in their life? Either you had one, or a friend or family member, had one.

I taught myself how to drive a stick-shift on that poor VW! And it still ran for me for many years. I wish I still had Bugums.

But life went on.

Years later, from my office, where we sell farm machinery, I observed a ritual that made my heart beat a little faster. Our local Wawa (gas station/convenience store) is located directly across the street. And I noticed, and began to anxiously look for, the little pearl white vintage VW Bug that came in to refuel.

I'd watch a lovely, petite, gray-haired lady get out, open the front hood and refill that sweet little Bug. Her Bug was in very good shape and it made me smile to just see it.

1966 vw bug miss hilda beetle

After a few months, on a warm summer afternoon, I decided to get a closer look. While the lady was filling her Bug up, I ran across the busy road and introduced myself.

The driver was Mrs. Hilda Garman and she was the original owner of this sweet 1966 VW Bug. She'd purchased it from Autohaus Lancaster and when she wasn't driving it, it had been kept in her garage.

Mrs. Garman was so nice that I got up the courage to tell her that IF she'd ever consider letting someone else adopt her VW Bug, that I would be grateful if she kept me in mind. Mrs. Garman smiled sweetly but said she loved her bug.

I told her I totally understood. I was disappointed, but I really did understand why she wouldn't want to part with her bug.

But then Mrs. Garman told me that since she'd recently celebrated her 88th birthday (!) she might think about it.

That made me smile and I gave her my name, phone number and told her that I worked across the street.

We said goodbye and I went back to the office, thankful to have met Mrs. Garman and her little Bug. And I didn't have the chance to speak with Mrs. Garman for the next 4 years.

I thought that was the end of the story! But it was only the beginning.

Here's a photo of me, Mrs. Garman (original owner) and Miss Hilda, my 1966 VW Bug:

1966 vw beetle cross country miss hilda

1966 vw beetle miss hilda cross country

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