Our Trip to the Site of the Woodstock Concert

At the beginning of August, Bob and I hit the road for a weekend trip to Bethel, NY to visit the beautiful rolling fields where Woodstock was held.

We wanted to get inspiration for our upcoming cross-country tour and celebrate the 40th anniversary of 3 days of peace, love and music!

Here I am at Woodstock, next to the memorial:

woodstock 1966 vw bug miss hilda The museum, at the top of the hill where the concert was held, is wonderful! If you're ever in the Bethel, NY area, we highly recommend a visit to the museum and concert site.

Here's a link to the Bethel Woods Arts Center, where Woodstock was held and a museum was recently built.

And it looks like "Crasher" the amazing squirrel was at Woodstock! Who knew?

woodstock 1966 vw bug miss hilda cross country tout

miss hilda 1966 vw beetle bug

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